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NUCCA Spinal Care

Dr. Presas is one of a few NUCCA Upper Cervical practitioners in the North Texas area.

A NUCCA correction:

The NUCCA Treatment Process:

Dr. Presas starts with precise X-rays to analyze and determine exactly how your spine has tilted, shifted, or rotated from its normal position. This measurement is as unique as your fingerprint — and the slightest degree of displacement can cause brain stem compression and body imbalance. This results in back pain, stress, migraines and other problems throughout the entire body.

Using a complex formula, Dr. Presas then makes the proper NUCCA correction of the Atlas Subluxation Complex — the delicate bone structure that connects your head and neck. There's no forceful twisting, popping or cracking. In fact, most patients barely feel a thing!

By correcting the spine with this level of precision, the entire nervous system begins to function optimally and the body can begin a process of long-term recovery and healing.

During the initial stabilization period, a number of NUCCA corrections may be required to reverse the progressive, degenerative effects of brain stem compression. Once the spine is in a stable holding position, many NUCCA patients maintain their corrections for weeks, months or even years at a time.

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